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hospitals and healthcare facilities. the 17 chronic healthcare facilities in zone a had to be evacuated. you will see cert teams, fire department, ambulances moving together. we want to make sure that these people are moved safely and some of them require extra care while we do that. most of the patients are moved to other chronic care facilities. some were moved to the cities seven shelters. all of these patients are safe and being cared for. there were no storm related deaths from any of the evacuated facilities. i want to thank the federal department of health and human services for sending teams to help run the special needs shelters. the shelters are intended for short-term use so we will be relocating these stations to longer-term facilities by this weekend, perhaps saturday. and -- three hospitals downtown had to be evacuated. one of the cities main hospitals had to be evacuated. that is almost completed good bellevue will now have to evacuate becauseeof damage it sustained. when they got into the basement, they realized there was more we are in the process of finding beds to move the
, not in the mobile phones, but technology is one of those trends that affects every industry. it affects healthcare. it affects energy. energy we saw the new natural gas fracking that's bringing enormous supplies to the market. we could be energy independent because of the technology applied to energy. liz: yet you don't like energy, you say avoid energy. >> who is the biggest beneficiary of this new supply is really the consumers, and the businesses have low cost gas, natural gas has plummeted in price, so that actually hurts in an ironic way the producers of energy, benefits the consumers of energy. liz: that's why we have doug here to kind of help our brains go through the scenario of why energy and technology are on opposite ends at least for his preference. closing bell ringing in 50 minutes. is it time to cut the cord to your traditional cable box? i know some of you have already done that. but there are those of you who are sitting on the fence or the cable box so to speak and you need to meet the ceo of a company, he says yes, chop that thing off, today he's launching the latest streaming b
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2